Our Product


Every town and city suburb in Australia and NZ has at least oncropped-img_50482.jpge bakery selling meat pies and other savory and sweet goods.

There are variations in recipes between bakeries, and even nationwide competitions to find the best pie, which are taken very seriously. Our pies are typical of what you might find “back home”, but they are also the result of our own experimentation, and one or two family recipes kindly passed on to us!

IMG_5085PIES: Minced Beef, Chicken Curry, Steak&Cheese, Bacon&Egg, Minted Lamb, Chicken&Bacon, Steak&Guinness, Chicken&Mushroom, Spicy Butternut Squash, Leek and Gruyere

OTHER GOODIES: Sausage Rolls, Anzac Biscuits


Buy our pies and sausage rolls hot to eat immediately, or cold to take home. Please note we rotate our pies at the markets. Please look at our Facebook Page for what is on offer https://www.facebook.com/SouthernCrossBakery/

We are always experimenting with new tastes and ingredients, so watch for the addition of new products in the coming months…



2 thoughts on “Our Product

  1. Well I know you have nutmeg in your mince beef pies! My cat Reni just had a taste treat this am and he was bouncing off the walls. Made for a happy day.

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