Weekend Weather Woes

A change of plan for this weekend (February 13-14): the weather is playing havoc with us. 45 mph gusts forecast for Saturday which will turn our canopy into a sail. Been there before and it’s miserable. We’ve decided not to trade on Saturday at the Kensington Farmer’s Market, but instead to brave the cold on Sunday morning at Olney instead. Apologies for changes, but one way or another, if you want pies or sausage rolls this weekend, including our yummy Valentine’s Pie, you can get them!


Valentine’s Day Pie

FullSizeRender (3)


♥ Try our delicious Valentine’s Day Pie to warm your heart. Beef steak, seasoned with Hungarian Smoked Paprika, olives, almonds, dark chocolate and a splash of Rioja wine. All the ingredients to make your heart flutter.
Come get one for yourself and your Valentine.♥