The very best thing about doing this crazy pie business is having people coming from all over to stock up.

aussies Here Aussie Southern Cross Bakery friends from Manassas VA, Baltimore MD, York PA (and of course Kensington MD) all arriving to replenish supplies on a cold late November morning. Thanks your support guys – you make the late nights and early starts worth it. Please if you’re coming from a distance, email us in advance with what you’d like so we can set it aside for you: southerncrossbakery@gmail.com



  1. Road trip from Southern Maryland is on the cards in 2015 … where this bunch goes I know the food is good … This Aussie needs a good pie!!! see you in the New Year

    • Elizabeth, we would love to see you at the market. We are back from Downunder and have a full compliment of pies and sausage rolls ready and waiting for you. Remember if you are traveling from afar and would like to be sure of getting the pies you want, you can place an order by going to our
      Facebook page and leaving a message or via our email, southerncrossbakery@gmail.com Look forward to seeing you.

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